Prayers is a cholo-goth group from San Diego with a very energetic aesthetic that I love. I was lucky enough to produce and direct a music video for them called Wild Roses. I thought it was a nice chance to film real live footage downtown Toronto, and mix it with animation, typography and even some stop motion. A mixed media project full of interesting bites.
Here are some of the characters I animated, which usually were leaning towards more subtle animations, since the backgrounds were pretty complex by themselves.
I also did a fair amount of type animation for this music video:
On of the main elements in the music video was the running Rottweiler. Here are some of his animations: 
I took the chance and made some stop motion loops of some elements, like candles and roses:
Dozens of illustrations were done to be super imposed on top of the video, as flames. This is actually my wife and daughter helped me out with! I scanned all of them and treated them so it would follow the rhythm of the music:
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