Hey there! I am a designer and animator from Cadiz, Spain who now lives and works in Toronto. My work encompasses everything from vibrant graphic art, to soft colour palettes that focus on texture and form, to meaningful and silly animations. My depiction of the human form can be literal or imaginary, using simple shapes to create characters with distinct personalities. From the most detailed illustration to the simplest icon, I strive to create work that is both thought-provoking and incredibly humorous.

I've also been awarded with three Vimeo Staff Picks (for Fastest, State of Grace and Art Is Theft), plus an extra one as collaborator for To This Day. In 2022 I was lucky enough to be a Pencil Wood winner at the prestigious D&DA Awards for the series The Adulthood

If you want to drop a line, say "hello" or commission a freelance project, big or small, you are more than welcome to fill the form below and I will be answering as soon as possible!

You can also send an email to:
hello@danielcordero.net or corderodani@gmail.com

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Apple, Google, Meta (Facebook), IBM, Nike, Spotify, 
Amazon, Coca Cola, Stella, Yoplait, Lays, American Express, 
Johnson & Johnson, Advil, Target, Nicorette, Scotiabank, Panda Express,  
CBC, Sherwin Williams, Mac’s, Wine Rack, LA Clippers, Sanvello, TIFF, 
Big Brother Canada, Ontario 150, The Globe & Mail, Home Depot, 
G Adventures, BlackRock, Tim Hortons, White Castle, Old Spice, 
McDonald's, Vice, Loopio, Dartmouth College, Parks Canada, Snoop Dogg.
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by DashBash

Motionographer.                                              Graffica. (spanish)                              Director's Notes.
by Justin Cone                                                       By Silvia Llorente                                       By Marbelle
Mentorless.                                                        Creative Bloq.                                        The Verge.
By Nathalie                                                          By Sammy Maine                                      By Rich McCormick
Stash Media                                                      Creative Babble.                                   Bullet Media.
By Stash                                                                By Javier Leiva                                           By Luke O'Neill
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