When Polyester Studio turned 7 years we made a very neat animation; an ode to the number 7. This is the segment I designed and animated.
Since I had the time to think and develop things through, I made some pretty interesting designs, with a very symbolic thematic beneath. Here are some of the initial boards:
Here is some of the final artwork, I made adding tons and tons of hand made masks and fine grain effects that took a long time to be done. But totally worth it! Almost everything was done in Flash animation (Animate CC) and composed together in After Effects:
The final animation, with all the pieces the different animators did together. There's a ton of talent involved here!:
The complete credits with everyone involved in the project:

Animation and Design:
Oliver Dead, Wincy Li and Jazmine Valiciks, Luis Campos, Mohamed Fadera, Jeremy Dimmock, Ariel Costa, Daniel Cordero 
Music and Sound Design:
Aimar Molero
Egin Kongoli 
Voice Talent:
Nigel Sloan / TaDa Voiceworks
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