This is a very intense project I had to do with a very fast turn around (only two weeks!) The original script was one of a kind: it mentioned crazy Yetis, a twerking T-Rex and a snow man that slaps it's own uvula. I just couldn't say no!

The project is a mix of cel animation in Photoshop and crazy rigs in After Effects. 
Polyester Studio produced the piece and Manuel Casares and Antonio Corral assisted me with the animation.
The Sketch & Design Process
The characters went through a few design rounds, specially Mr. Frost, the main one. In the beginning, it had a mohak and it looked older, like a cool old crazy geezer. Under client´s requests, it ended up looking more like an 80´s rock star, and also younger. We kept the golden tooth though. The T-Rex had a long design process too, starting with a russian winter hat, it eneded up looking like a dinosaur version of Miley Cyrus.
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