During the years I've been fortunate enough to participate in various Halloween projects involving fun animations. A spooky season I truly love! Here's some of the content I've done for the scary celebrations during the years.
In 2019, I was part of a project produced in Polyester Studio called "Scary Noises". Sound designer Jeff Moberg made a lot of different 6 second long sonic landscapes and we were tasked to animate over them. 

When I was around 4, I had a dream about a werewolf approaching my grandma's country house in a convertible Cadillac while I was sleeping in. I peaked through the window and saw him there, waiting in his car. 
This is an animation inspired by that dream.
Here are some of the initial style frames I produced for this project. The final animation ended being pretty similar to the original ideas.
A little bit of a work in process behind the scenes of the initial shot in the animation, which was a tricky one to say the least, involving 3d, cel animation in both Adobe Animate and Photoshop and After Effects work.
A couple of years prior I did a very different Halloween project, less somber and more fun. It also had a werewolf (I'm kinda obsessed with them now that I think of it...) This one was completely done in After Effects, with a very intricate rig, but it sure was interesting and fun making a bunch of controllers for it!
Here's the original Scary Noises project in its full. The credits are as follow:
Music and Sound Design: Jeff Moberg
Animation: Joan Chung, SJ Lee, Luis Campos, Oliver Dead, Una Di Gallo, Dani Cordero, Jaqueline Lai, Ines Fragueiro
Producer: Alyssa Molfetta
Compositing: Luis Campos
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