For a detailed behind the scenes and the thought and creative process behind this project, feel free to go here.

Art is Theft is a personal project I've been planning for a long time.
Creation is not inspired by one man, woman or one thing. We are influenced by our daily fair, diverse artists etc. I have admired various influential artists in my life, such as Picasso, Dali and Warhol. With this film, I attempted to convey an approach to the creative process and express how all artists, at any level, "steal" the art and the very soul of other artists, while forming their "original" pieces. 

The one and only Ambrose Yu did a wonderful work in the sound design of this piece. I strongly recommend listening to this film while wearing headphones. Thank you. 

Script, Design and Animation: Daniel Cordero
Sound Design & Music: Ambrose Yu
Voice Over Artist: Bob Bavnani
Script supervision and social media: Evan Brown

Thanks a lot to Evan Brown and Xiomara Rodriguez for their support and for believing in this project from its very inception.
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