This was a very complex and exciting project I did together with Dress Code for one certain technology company that has a fruit in their logo, and which name I can't mention here because of a very hefty NDA I had to sign. Here's just a small part of all the work we did. The process required designing hundreds of characters and elements, that were later 3d printed and stop motion animated. 2d animations were later added to their faces. As I said, an intense task with lots of talented artists. I'm sorry I can't show more here, but I don't want to be sued :p 

Here's a quick montage of some of the characters I designed along the way:
Some of the cool concepts I came out with:
Some possible early scene visualizations: 
I also had to design hundreds of eyes, noses, mouths, trees and other elements.
One of the 3d prints made from one of my designs:
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