Daniel Cordero is a designer and animator originally from Cadiz, in south Spain. He´s currently working full time with the nice dudes at Polyester Studio, in the amazing city of Toronto.

He has worked for companies such as Nike, Walmart, Macs, American Express, Lays, Enbridge Gas, Air Canada, RCN TV, and a lot more. Also for artists as Nicki Minaj, Talib Kweli, Prayers, Eureka Birds, Nth Power, Jurassic-5, Amana Melomé or Julie Mollo. He´s done a ton of stuff for different institutions like the Dartmouth Collegue, FedCentral or IFCJ.

 If you want to drop a line, say "hello" or commission a freelance project, big or small, you´re more than welcome to fill this form and he´ll be answering as soon as possible!

You can also send an email to:
hello@danielcordero.net or corderodani@gmail.com
Thank for your message ! I´ll be writing back as soon as I can !
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