Last time I made a personal logo was back in 2014, so it was long due to make a new design that would better represent where I’m at the moment. With a mix of my Spanish/European background and my Colombian/tropical influences, I created a new personal identity I believe talks about who I am as a person and as an artist: a fun mix of cultures excited about what’s to come in the future. Thanks a lot to Arcadia Sonora for the awesome sound design as well, that conveyed so well all those ideas in just 3 or 4 seconds
The personal logo is composed by two main elements. The first one is the macaw. It was done in Adobe Animate and After Effects, after been designed in Illustrator:
The second element is my name, with was designed in Illustrator and animated in After Effects. Even though it comes out very fast to make it snappy, it has lots of little animations everywhere.
Here's also a little logo I made with my initials as an alternative:
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