Fastest is the first music video for the outstanding Baltimore based band Eureka Birds. The animation tell the story of different characters, in a race chasing their dreams come true.

Premiered on Bullett:
Production Company: dreambear:
Producers: Evan Brown / Lee Levin
Design, Illustration and Animation: Daniel Cordero:
Story: Matt Yarrington:​​​​​​​
The running girls.

With 80´s style, these girls are inspired in Masters of The Universe, Wonderwoman and Barbarella 1980´s cartoons.
The Sailor.

Inspired in those 1940´s tough american and russian sailors. He collects in his own body tattoos designed by the famous Sailor Jerry.
The Afronaut.

Based in 1960´s Zambia astronaut program, which intended to take 10 humans and 10 cats to Mars (...) He wears an astronaut suit designed as a traditional costume.
The fireman.

He tries to save a little girl from the fire no matter what.
Sailor Jerry.

The famous 1950´s tattoo artist based in Honolulu, Hawaii.
The Mexican Wrestler.

His dream is to defeat famous El Santo.

Some animated frames

Some stills
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